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Terra Madre – October 2004

Salone del Gusto
We were able to participate in the trade show or market part of the Salone and there were amazing foods from everywhere. At first, it was a bit overwhelming the sheer volume. There were hundreds of food specialists in attendance. The Presidia products were highlighted throughout the show – Bario rice, yak cheese, pear cider, etc... The space was always packed with people and many world leaders even attended – Prince Charles and Gorbachev to name a few. In the kitchen area they were sampling regional foods and I was able to grab a taste of the Leonforte peach sorbet which was excellent. Due to the Terra Madre conference and our schedule, we were unable to participate in the Taste Workshops or the Dinner Dates. They sounded fantastic and made me think that one day it would be wonderful to attend this part of the Salone.

In summary
It is very hard to summarize this experience. It was such an amazing gathering of people from around the world. It was so much work to organize and implement such a gathering and we were treated so well. There were so many leaders in so many areas. So many people had a chance to share so many ideas. There is such passion and concern in this food community. I have certainly never been in such company and it was a great honor to be a part of this event.

For our farm, we are quite small in the spectrum of this gathering but it was a wonderful confirmation of our practices and we certainly gained insight and new ideas into ways we can improve. It certainly provided a global perspective.

We are growing all our fruit organically which we will not change, we are organizing a thoughtful agro-eco management system throughout our orchard which we will continually monitor and adjust, we are working to develop the appropriate marketing and product mix to maximize the productivity of our produce, and we are figuring out ways to involve the community in our little slice of the Dry Creek Valley. So although we are very small, we are doing our best to improve our farming practices and share it within our community.

Brian and Gayle
Dry Creek Peach & Produce


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