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Terra Madre – October 2004

Agriculture – Healing the land
There were speakers once again from all over the world but one farmer in particular, from Canada, was of interest. Rather than purchase a tractor, he bought horses for his farm. This saved him the initial capital cost and ongoing cost repairs of the tractor and he has actually generated revenue from the horse offspring. More than that, the horses do not damage or impact the soil as a tractor would, they are excellent workers, and they use the manure on the farm.

I loved this session. There were over 20 chefs from all over the world given the floor for about five minutes. They represented Russia, South America, Africa, the US, etc….and their messages were so different. Here are a few items that somehow resonated with me:

Brazil – preserve your ancestral traditions

Swaziland – Africa is really about hunger and each day they are fighting it

Ireland – Darina Allen of Ballymaloe talked about being part of the renaissance of food in Ireland and some of the practices they employed – talking to the fisherman everyday, buying locally even from kids at the back door, cooking from scratch, growing their own and purchasing from artisinal growers, writing their menu daily

Denmark—their country has been repressed with respect to food and that needs to change. Manifesto--Nordic culture and re-discover eating and heritage

Alice Waters – shared her starts and changes with Chez Panisse -- it started with taste and that led to organic, it started French and that changed to regional. Then she talked about the Berkeley model of children and food.


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