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Terra Madre – October 2004

Our Stay
Each evening, we would visit a different Agriturismo farm for dinner. The first night our group of eight ate together at our Kiwi farm. Our meal consisted of polenta with a tuna and anchovy sauce, picked vegetables in a tomato sauce, tortellini soup, green salad, pork ribs and potatoes. It was a great meal after a long travel day. While I am on the subject of dinner, the next night we ate with about 10 other people from our bus at Agriturismo Borgogno in Pinerolo. This was a large complex with many guest rooms. We had another nice meal consisting of polenta with melted gorgonzola, sliced beef with a special garlic mayonnaise sauce, risotto, veal, a wonderful green salad, and a chocolate caramel dessert. Our third night a group of about 25 went to a local apple farm Cascina Mombello just outside of Pinerolo. We had a wonderful meal and this family was so generous and hospitable. The meal started with a number of antipasta dishes like pickled zucchini with onions and rosemary, salami, apples with cream and walnuts, pickled peppers and olives, and ricotta with an apple sauce. They also served ravioli and then a huge platter with pork cutlets, sausage, and fried fish. The other side of the platter was filled with warm sweets such as amaretto cookies, fried apple slices, and apple filled lady fingers. Then they served a whipped cream cake which seemed like too much but was too delicious to not partake. They finished the meal with after dinner drinks like grappa, cognac, and their own apple brandy which I then purchased. It was a memorable evening.

A couple of other food notes: in Florence we ate at a great little restaurant called Trattoria Sostanza which serves wonderful fresh tortellini, baked chicken, grilled steak, and amazing desserts. On the piazza della Republica there is a100 plus year old patisserie called Gilli's with the most beautiful pastries and chocolates. I wish I had rented an apartment while visiting so I could have prepared meals with ingredients from Florence's market. What an amazing place -- the meat, wine, and upstairs produce was fabulous! We also ate lunch at a Slow Food recommended Trattoria in Turin called Toricelli where pigs feet and artichokes were sampled.



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