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Terra Madre – October 2004

Our Stay
We were very fortunate to stay on a family-owned kiwi farm in the quaint Italian town of Bricherasio. This farm, AA Turino, was situated in the rolling hills about an hour southwest of Turin. Aside from harvesting kiwi, they have a converted barn with guest rooms, a kitchen which can seat about 100 (their restaurant is open on Sundays) and a wood-burning oven for baking bread.

This farm is a member of a number of organizations that we were introduced to – Agriturismo and Coldiretti Piemonte. These organizations marketed the farm and coordinated events in the area. When we arrived, there was a preschool visit just ending. The children from Turin had spent the day (from 10-4) at the farm picking kiwi, baking bread and visiting the grounds. They were served a warm lunch and were just preparing to leave. They were charged on a per child basis. The farm is in an Agriturismo book/directory, on a marketing map, etc…Also, the Coldiretti group organized much of our stay including the lodging and transportation for the Terra Madre conference. I don't think we will ever forget Franka – she was fantastic!

The farm is five hectares and is dedicated to kiwi – most of which is exported. They were just starting their two week harvest when we arrived. Grandpa was up at the crack of dawn each day, on his Lamborghini tractor, ready to go with his picking crew. They water the crop from May to harvest about 50 litres every other day. Before kiwi, they grew stone fruits like peaches and apricots but they changed focus due to inconsistent yield and work load.

We stayed on the farm with three Fresno couples who were all involved in peaches. One family wholesaled their peaches, another marketed their peaches like us, and another had converted to grapes. We spent time with these couples because all dinners and transportation were based on lodging.



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