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  by Charlotte Druckman
September 1, 2010
  The New York Times
Style Magazine
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Dry Creek Peach & Produce Peaches
The farm produces over 30 tons of organic peaches and produce each summer season. The season stretches from June through September—offering over 30 varieties of white and yellow peaches, as well as nectarines, plums, pluots, figs, persimmons and Meyer lemons.   Peach jam, made exclusively from Dry Creek peaches, is also available throughout the year.  In addition, enjoy Dry Creek Peach Bellini mix, Dry Creek Peach Chips, peach wood for barbeques and peach pruning wreaths.  The farm and all the produce is certified organic by CCOF or  California Certified Organic Farmers.

Why organic? We are a certified organic peach farm which means we do not use pesticides or harmful substances. We continually fortify and enrich the soil of our orchard. We plant cover crops to support the natural eco system. We attract beneficial insects which are positive for the orchard and surrounding areas. AND, we are organic because it is good for you and the fruit really tastes better.

New Service- Mail Order Peaches
You can share a taste of summer from the Dry Creek Valley with friends and family afar. The farm will mail order peaches throughout the United States during the peak months of July and August and jam all year round. If you would like to take advantage of this new flavorful service, or if you would like to subscribe a friend, please click on the ordering section of this site.

Enjoy the flavor of Dry Creek Peaches year round with our renown organic peach jam.

Some varieties of yellow peaches:

Dry Creek Peach & Produce Peach Jam

Red Haven - June/July
Suncrest - July
Fay Elberta - July
O'Henry - July
Autumn Flame - August/Sept
Last Chance - August/Sept

Some varieties of white peaches:
  Snow Brite - June
Strawberry Free- July
Arctic Gem - July/August
Snow King - August
September Snow - August
Yukon King - August/September
Other stone fruits available:  
  Fantasia nectarines - July/August
Santa Rosa plums - June/July
Howard Miracle plums - July
Elephant Heart plums - August
Pluots - August


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