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2179 Yoakim Bridge
Healdsburg, CA 95448

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Our peach farm is located in the heart of the Dry Creek Valley of Healdsburg in Sonoma County, California. Surrounded by world-renown vineyards, we are the last remaining fruit farm in the valley and the only dedicated, certified organic peach farm in the county. The farm takes advantage of the mineral-rich soil fed by Dry Creek and the ideal growing climate of Northern California wine country. We leave our peaches on the trees to ripen in the California sun as long as possible to maximize their sweetness and freshness.
  Dry Creek Peach & Produce

The farm has a strong history in the Dry Creek Valley. For over 50 years it has been producing high quality fruits and produce. In 1990, the owners chose to focus the farm in a crop ideally suited to the area - organically grown peaches. This met with great success.

Owners since 2000, we built upon this success by expanding the peach orchard by 25%; broadening the stone fruit product line with organic peach jam; introducing the peaches to new customers including Chez Panisse and Town Hall; and re-opening the farm stand on weekends in the summer. The farm is continually evolving to meet the needs of its community.

Brian Sullivan and Gayle Okumura Sullivan (with son Patrick) are the current owners and they manage the overall operations of the farm in conjunction with Eusebio Sayago and his family. During the summer harvest we can be found at the farmer's markets, in our store, or working in and around the orchard.

Dry Creek Peach & Produce owners Brian, Gayle and Patrick Sullivan

Brian, Gayle and Patrick Sullivan at their farm in Healdsburg

The farm is considered a Sonoma County treasure as most of the land throughout the county, and specifically in the Dry Creek Valley, has been converted to grapes. Dry Creek Peach & Produce has become a symbol of Sonoma County's abundant flavor and agricultural bounty.

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